Open Letter to Michelle Donelan, Minister of State for Universities, 2021

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Dear Minister,


It has been eight months since we wrote to you in an open letter, and almost a year (to the first UK case of the novel coronavirus) since an online university education was collectively implemented. We are regretful that we are going through these processes again, less than a calendar year later, together with Liberate the University in their open letter, to express our disappoint in the government’s handling of the pandemic in relation to higher education, especially for studio-based learners. We no longer seek clarification on the statements you made in relation to tuition fee refunds which you have consistently repeated, ignoring pleas of SU officers, grassroots campaigns, and even other MPs, that "if [students] feel that their quality of education isn't there, that the quantity isn't there, they can go through the process of first of all complaining to their university and if that's not successful then go to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator [for Higher Education]." After almost a year of going through these processes, we are appalled that the complaints procedure is consistently pushed to students and at the hands-off manner in which the government has treated universities and their students.


Pause or Pay UK is a UK-wide cross-university action group that arose due to lack of provisions for studio-based learners. Nine months later, we are still in that very same situation in which Pause or Pay was founded. Our members are students from Arts University Bournemouth, Bath School of Art & Design, Birmingham City University, Bradford School of Art, City & Guilds of London Art School, Coventry University, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Edinburgh College of Art, Falmouth University, Glasgow School of Art, Goldsmiths University of London, Gray’s School of Art, Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Heriot-Watt University, Kingston School of Art, Leeds Arts University, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool John Moores University, London Metropolitan University, Manchester School of Art, Teesside University MIMA School of Art & Design, Newcastle University, Northumbria University, Norwich University of the Arts, Nottingham Trent University, Ravensbourne University London, Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance, Royal College of Art, UCL Slade School of Fine Art, University of the Arts London (Camberwell College of Arts, Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Arts, London College of Communication, London College of Fashion, Wimbledon College of Arts), University of Brighton, University for the Creative Arts, University of Essex, University of Leeds, University of Sheffield and the University of the West of England Bristol.  We are not only studio-based learners, but also creatives whose learning is dependent on the communication and space that has been taken away from us. We exist in relation with the art world – we are a community of creatives, artists and makers, unlike the hierarchical teacher-student structures found in HEIs.


Quality, as emphasised by the OIA in complaints processes, is a nebulous concept, constructed by the system, which is itself broken. To us, quality seems to be a list of elements, lightly monitored by the OfS, for universities to fulfil on their own terms. This system does not work in fulfilment of delivering higher education, especially studio-based education. Creative courses, which aim to shape the next generation of artists, makers and creatives, cannot be assessed for “quality” successfully with a predefined rubric. In the timeframe of a year, universities are still showing an inability to construct an effective and appropriate plan which provides for their students in a pandemic.


When going through the formal complaints procedure, student experience and learning are reduced to legal points in course handbooks, the minutiae of which are discussed to death in legal-style review panels without any legal support for the students involved. The complaints process also takes an inordinate amount of time to process. 937 students at the RCA who submitted their formal group complaint in May 2020 are still remaining in the internal complaints procedure for nine months and counting. We condemn the fact that students are now made to gather evidence on their course delivery and spend time looking into guidance from bodies such as the OfS and OIAHE, all of which affect our practice and relationship with our universities. None of us want to be in a position where we are in opposition to our institutions, but this government has driven a wedge between universities and their students by refusing to take responsibility for neglect of a public good – education.


There is a dereliction of responsibility by all involved in the experience of students and staff during the pandemic – vice chancellors, senior management teams, the OIAHE, the OfS, UUK and other associated bodies. Responsibility is being bounced between these institutions and governmental/public bodies: the stance of the government is that universities are responsible for their own running, the situation on the ground at the universities is that student complaints are escalated to the OIAHE without meaningful resolution. The OIAHE states universities should prioritise transparency and upholding teaching standards but does not enforce these. The OfS seems out of touch with students when advising providers to reconsider no detriment policies whilst UUK seem reticent to use their position as a collective of VCs to request sector-wide government assistance. Students are caught between numerous advice and guidance, and have no proper channels where their concerns are considered in a meaningful way which can lead to a meaningful impact on their experience as a student. 


It comes as no surprise that the issues we wrote to you about last year, both those that we were experiencing first hand and those we identified and preempted, have persisted or amplified in this academic year. 


The protected category of disabled students, recognised by the Equality Act 2010, has been completely ignored, although they will face insuperable difficulties if forced to try and cope unsupervised and without specialised equipment adapted to the particular individual’s needs. Disabled students are having to manage their education and lifestyle in a potentially isolating environment with no support. Online education faces threats in itself. For example, some students are having to reduce their screen control to prevent seizures, all whilst expecting to meet deadlines and perform to the same level as their peers. Additionally, many have not had their support plans adjusted within the context of the pandemic. 


Students are expected to achieve the same standards and meet the same learning criteria that was set pre-pandemic, and for those working with specialist equipment in unspecialised environments, this places them at significant risk. The lack of understanding towards resources and learning space required for certain subjects has been made evident. For example, if a photography student requires access to a dark room, they could be using dangerous chemicals in a space unfit for the purpose of developing photos. And this is even if they have the financial privilege and resources to do this. This is no romanticisation of the struggling artist trope, this is a serious health & safety issue which goes against all H&S standards followed in university buildings. Documentation of these home studios has in fact been a popular activity for us studio-based learners throughout these months, with examples you can find here and here. Since students’ practises are not taking place within university facilities, they are also without the supervision and expertise of the technicians.


Many students can not afford computers with the processing power required for the expensive specialist software they are required to use for their work. This digital equipment and software would ordinarily be made available at their institution. New techniques and software, such as 3-D modelling and animation, would also have to be taught to students in order to translate their physical work to be suitable for online degree shows, which amount to nothing more than an online catalogue of a series of images. Even with fully virtual teaching, studio and workshop facilities are still required for students to produce work to be photographed and displayed in virtual degree shows.


There is a stark difference between physical and virtual iterations of degree shows and other showcases of work or practice. Physical degree shows are an important aspect for the delivery of studio-based undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes. Showcases provide an exhibition of physical pieces of work, normally for a week for degree shows, during which students have unrivalled opportunity to meet experts, curators and collectors from all over the world, with extensive press coverage. These shows have been the springboard from which the careers of many illustrious artists and designers have been launched. Virtual shows cannot adequately emulate a viewer’s physical experience of the piece of work shown. This late into the pandemic, curators have also admitted to clicking out of virtual shows after only viewing a few pieces. Everyone in this ecosystem – students, tutors, curators, collectors, and more – is so tired of pretending we can fully carry out the system we had before in the online sphere.


As is evident, courses which have been designed to be studio-based are almost impossible to teach online, as they require specialist studios and spaces with technical support. Academic and teaching staff are overwhelmed and stretched to constantly rewrite their syllabi to accommodate for constantly changing university guidelines, which is a result of constantly changing government guidelines. Their poor working conditions mean poor learning conditions for students.


In these troubled and uncertain times, we have been abandoned by the very institutions which we expect to protect our interests and well-being, but which have instead acted to promote their own self-interest at our expense. International students, who are a principal source of university cash-flow, have been tossed aside in discussions surrounding mitigations during the pandemic. Many have been constantly uprooted from their environment with changes in government guidance, border closures, and university building closures. The instability of the situation has taken a great toll on international student mental health, only compounded by the fact that their practice has to be packed up and moved every few weeks. Some students were not even able to retrieve materials from university buildings as they closed at short notice. The acute pain of being separated from one’s work and practice cannot be put into words, and cannot be conveyed to yourself to fully understand. This is notwithstanding the isolation felt by many from the community of creatives at university due to time zone differences. There is also a financial burden placed on international students to fulfil their degrees as per normal, with costs of materials mostly being more expensive in their home countries as they are not subsidised by their universities. 


Our position can be quite simply put – so simply put, in fact, that our demands are evident in our name. We want the government to play a role in financially aiding the higher education sector to reach an ideal solution for the future of education in the UK – we want a government bailout of the Higher Education sector, a sector so famous in the UK and even around the world, the way the government has bailed out cultural institutions. Through this, we want the government to work together with our universities to:

  • Support and safeguard international students with regards to visas, financial aid in lieu of work hour restrictions, and No Recourse to Public Funds. Many studio-based learners are international students and many institutions bill themselves as international.

  • Guarantee a physical degree show for graduates – This includes provisions for 2-3 months of full access to workshops and studios or financial support to access external facilities. 


And allow students to either:



  • Deferral Regulations to not disregard requests made based on impacts of the pandemic - It is a physical impossibility and dangerous to suggest a continuation of artistic activities outside the studio and the safety of a workshop. 




  • Refund previous fees and discount upcoming fees to reflect the loss of teaching, studios, access to facilities, and industry networking opportunities – Which has been ongoing since the start of the pandemic restrictions. This refund should not affect contractual terms, pay rate, or workload of staff.


The alternative of an online programme to complete the studio-based course cannot be imposed on students without their agreement, since it amounts to a different performance to that originally promised. We regard it to be fair for studio-based higher education students, who wish to continue or have gone through online teaching, to have a reduction of the tuition fee payable commensurate with the amount of studio and workshop hours lost. If full fees have already been paid, the student should be refunded the relevant amount they have already paid. Insofar as the student has taken out a student loan, we would ask the Government to reimburse them the amount of the loan applicable, as stated above. 


We highly doubt our position is unreasonable in these times – we simply ask for reasonable provisions to be made for studio-based learners who have put their faith in their institutions. As studio-based learners, creatives, artists, and makers, we typically go on to hold some of the most precarious jobs, yet the creative industry is persistently viewed as a lucrative export and attractive characteristic sitting at the heart of UK identity. Unless swift, decisive and collective action is taken, current students and graduates will slip through the cracks, thus weakening an already unstable career trajectory. Failing to address the disintegrating marketised structure of the education sector and the fee crisis within HEIs not only threatens the integrity of arts education, but risks the erosion of the UK’s cultural backbone.


Yours sincerely,

Pause or Pay UK (
- BSAD Action Group
- DJCAD Pause or Pay
- MSoA Action Group
- UAL Action Group
- UWE Pause or Pay Action Group
- What's happening KSA
Liberate the University
Slade Society
University of London Rent Strike
Royal College of Art Students Union

Individual signatories

  1. Christina Nteventzi, BA student Fine Art 3rd Year, Chelsea UAL     
  2. Molly Crombie, Undergraduate Student, Liverpool John Moores University
  3. Hannah Billett, Final year BA/Undergraduate Student, UAL Chelsea College of Arts, Arts SU Officer
  4. Hannah Stothard, BA Student, Teesside University  
  5. Henny Shaw, BA Student, Camberwell, Pause or Pay UK National Coordinator
  6. Elena Pontaque, UAL
  7. Grace Brennan, MRes Student, RCA, RCA Action Group
  8. Victoria Trondsen, Teesside University, BA (Hons) Fine Art
  9. Anna Mueller, Royal College of Art MRes student, RCA Action Group        
  10. Isaac Hanson, BA Student, UCL, Chair of Liberate the University
  11. Syahadah Shahril, MSc Student, London College of Fashion UAL, Pause or Pay UK National Coordinator, Unis Resist Border Controls member, IWW Education Workers Organising Committee Communications Co-Officer
  12. Stephanie Featherstone, BA Fine Art Student, Teesside University
  13. Catherine Grainge, BA student, Teesside University
  14. Irene Garcia, BA student
  15. Karl Bensley, Teesside university 
  16. Kat, BA student, University of Arts London, UCU member
  17. Johanna Sutherland, BA student, ECA                      
  18. Paul Cappleman, Teesside University
  19. Sian Wei, UAL            
  20. Claire Bath, University of Edinburgh Undergraduate student                        
  21. Matthew Howard, BA Hons Student, Teesside University
  22. Evelyne Grace Rodgers, BA(Hons) Student, Teesside University
  23. Chloe Abrahams, MA Student, RCA              
  24. Isobel Leonard, BA Student   
  25. Louis Small, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design - University of Dundee, DJCAD Pause or Pay
  26. Charlene Scott, BA Student, Edinburgh College of Art                     
  27. Joanne Matthews, MFA Student                    
  28. Ruby Betts, Kingston School of Art student               
  29. Guy Parsons, BA student, Leeds Arts University                  
  30. Lily Orset, Leeds Arts University student                   
  31. Eleanor Linkleter, BA Student, LAU
  32. Lucia Sheppard, BA student              
  33. Kaya Mitchell, Leeds Arts University Student                        
  34. Sofia Hallström, MA Fine Art, Edinburgh College of Art                    
  35. Joanna Blemont, MA Student, ECA,  
  36. James Marfell, BA Student, University of The Arts London & BA Student, Arts SU, Pause or Pay UK
  37. Nicky McCreath, student
  38. Kimberly, Undergraduate student                  
  39. Nadia Robinson, BA student, Manchester School of Art (MMU)
  40. Molly Griffin, BA Student                    
  41. Harriet Orrey-Godden, MLitt student, GSA                
  42. Joana Vieira da Silva, BA Student, Central Saint Martins UAL
  43. Elena Lo Presti, MA student, Royal College of Art                
  44. Amy Xhiswell, Goldsmiths University                         
  45. Jamie, BA Student, UAL
  46. Dani Tagen, MA student                     
  47. George, Glasgow school of art student
  48. Charlie French, Undergraduate student, Central Saint Martins                    
  49. Evie Wellstood, Leeds Arts University, BA student               
  50. Gabriela Lins, MFA Fine Art, Kingston School of Art             
  51. Emma Caro, Student              
  52. Abbie Scoular, DJCAD, BA student               
  53. Ren Beaumont, Undergraduate third year, University for the Creative Arts
  54. Katwamba Mutale, BA student, LCF, Pause or Pay UK member
  55. Ronin Rossanese, BA student                       
  56. Alison Romaine, Undergrad architect student, University of Sheffield
  57. Mandi Stewart, MA student, RCA
  58. Fairuz Zulfa Adlina, Student at Royal College of Art             
  59. Daria Shmunk, BA Student, UAL (LCC)        
  60. Joanne Loo, 2019-2020 MA student, UAL     
  61. Riku Tsurumi, BA Student, The University of Sheffield
  62. Shannon Mathie, BA Student, Teesside University
  63. Namhara Byron Low, BA Student, University of the West of England, UWE Pause or Pay Action Group  
  64. Claudia, BA Student, UAL      
  65. Kristina H, BA Architecture student, Kingston University London     
  66. Signe Williams, MA Student, RCA
  67. Isseya Thierry, BA Student, University of the Arts London   
  68. Molly Goulding, Manchester school of art, Pause or Pay UK member
  69. Nicola Smerin, BA Art student of the 80's, St Martins                       
  70. Joseph Fenwick, MSc Student, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit    
  71. Joshua Woolford, MA student                        
  72. Sian Wei, UAL            
  73. Phoebe Carraro, UAL - undergraduate student
  74. Jasmine Gardner, Fine Art student, MMU, MSoa Action Group
  75. Erica, BA student        
  76. Nanci Lynch, BA Student, London Metropolitan University
  77. Silke Weißbach, Artist                        
  78. Ellen Lysmo, BA student, Camberwell college of arts                       
  79. Talitha Tunnell, MA Student, Glasgow School of Art, GSASA
  80. Karmen Lam, BA Student, London Metropolitan University,
  81. Emilia Smith, Student at London College of Fashion                        
  82. Lianna Denwood, BA Student                        
  83. Freja Smith, BS fashion student, Kingston    
  84. Chanti Clark, BA hons Architecture, Norwich University of the Arts
  85. Alice Goodliffe, Undergrad Student, UAL, Arts SU    
  86. Nishi Chodimella,  Student, Edinburgh College of Arts         
  87. Filippa, BA Student, UAL       
  88. Emily Sawyer, BA student                  
  89. Helena Powell, BA Student, Glasgow school of art Ba student
  90. Chloe Kaufmann, Student, The Glasgow School of Art
  91. Aiste Banelyte, BA Student, Glasgow School of Art
  92. Sarah Beresford, Student                   
  93. Dan Fox, Undergraduate
  94. Diana Place, BA Student, University of the Arts London
  95. Charley Duffy, BA Student, Teesside University
  96. Hannah Stratford, BA Student, University of the West of England
  97. Allegra Cook, BA Year 3, LCF UAL
  98. Rachel Hutchison, BA Student, Edinburgh college of art      
  99. Ellie Bartlett, University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh College of Art) BA Student, Rent Justice Edinburgh, Living Rent Edinburgh
  1. Holly slater, Nottingham trent BA(Hons) student, Pause or Pay UK member
  2. Ellis Warren, BA Student, Goldsmiths university of London              
  3. Elizabeth Henson, BA Student at Edinburgh College of Art              
  4. Hilary Williams, Parent of student                  
  5. Ben Williams, Parent of student                     
  6. Charlie Collins, BA Student, University of Derby                   
  7. Ashleigh Nixon, London Metropolitan                        
  8. Eve Jefferies, BAFA student, Goldsmiths University of London 
  9. Rossella Damiani, London College of Fashion, MA student
  10. Freya chauncy, University of the west of England                 
  11. Katie Morris, University of Oxford BFA, Ruskin School of Art           
  12. Diana Huynh, University of Sheffield, BA Student
  13. Washington lins dos Santos, Parent of Student
  14. Reijara Lins, Parent of Student
  15. Kaja Stumpf, MA Student                   
  16. Mataio Austin Dean, BA student graduated 2020, SWP       
  17. James Diable, University student                   
  18. Alice Marshall, BFA student at Slade School of Fine Art                  
  19. Jaroslaw Kubacki, BA student
  20. Lyndsay Russell, Student                   
  21. fernanda liberti, RCA, MA photography                     
  22. Emily Sawyer, BA student                  
  23. Eve Eisler, Undergrad Student, University of Dundee           
  24. Ed Oaks, BA Student
  25. Chloe Leeson, The Northern School of Art, MA Student                   
  26. Riccardo Angei, University of Edinburgh, 4th year photography student
  27. Ophelie Napoli, MA Fine Arts student, Edinburgh College of Art
  28. Emma McGrath, Central Saint Martins, UAL, BA Student                
  29. Hanna Mödder, BA Student, University of the Arts London
  30. Poppy Gannon, DJCAD foundation
  31. Poppy Griffiths, Northumbria University BA Fashion             
  32. Mia Dove, BA student at University of the Arts London
  33. Fabienne Napoli, Parent of Edinburgh University Student                
  34. Verity Hayhow, Central Saint Martin's, BA Student
  35. Jasmine Wood, Manchester Metropolitan University, BA student                
  36. Silvio Napoli, University of Edinburgh, College of Arts Parent of student
  37. Imogen Scobie, BA Fine Art student, UWE
  38. Ria Wilson, University of Northampton BA student, IWW     
  39. Shirley Snow, University of Edinburgh, BA student               
  40. Josephine Berry, BA Photography, University of Edinburgh                         
  41. Dolly Kershaw, MA graduate 2020 (Royal College of Art)                
  42. Victor Flavell, Glasgow School of Art, BA student                 
  43. Zachary Talbot, UCL student             
  44. Grace Adams, MA student                 
  45. Ghia, London college of communication MA
  46. Lydia Durham, Plymouth College of Art, Final Year student             
  47. Steven Hall, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts                
  48. Paula Wilikns, MFA student and Course Representative, Kingston School of Art
  49. Ann Lopez, University of Sheffield BA student                      
  50. Berenika Murray, BA Student             
  51. Alix Mottershead, BA student             
  52. Weishanyang, Kingston student         
  53. Gabriela Florescu, University of Nottingham, Undergraduate student                      
  54. Gemma Strachan, LJMU Student                  
  55. Lydia Mason, The university of Edinburgh BA student                      
  56. Katerina Mimikou, UAL, student                     
  57. Matilda Scarlett, UAL (Chelsea college of arts) BA Student             
  58. Megan Devenny, GSA MLitt Student
  59. Jessica, University for the Creative Arts Undergraduate
  60. Joe Christman, University of Huddersfield                 
  61. Amelia Welbourne, BA student at Manchester Metropolitan University
  62. Rachel Ashton, DJCAD University of Dundee student BA Fine Art              
  63. Claudia Lambert-Ng, BA student                   
  64. Tallulah Lloyd-Allum, Undergraduate Student                       
  65. Alysse Lee-Orr, Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh, BA Painting student                  
  66. Rita Silva, MSc Student                      
  67. Olivia Macdonald, MA Student, GSofA, GSA
  68. Bianca Blanari, BA student
  69. Oscar Yasamee, MA Student
  70. Naaman Matta, UCL mechanical Engineering student                      
  71. Ewelina Gil, BA Student                     
  72. Cait Winkler, BA Hons Student                      
  73. Miles Walker, BA student                   
  74. Bill Cuthell, Central Saint Martins MA Student                      
  75. Claire lawrie, Masters Student                       
  76. Justine Hounam, UAL MAFA Student
  77. Lindsay Rapp, Kingston University MA Sustainable Design             
  78. Marie-Louise Jones, Central Saint Martins MA student                    
  79. Hana Shin, University of Edinburgh, MLA student                
  80. Izzy Coyle, UAL Undergraduate Student                   
  81. North, University of Manchester Student                   
  82. Tristan Albrecht, Central Saint Martins, MAFA Year 2 Student
  83. Jasmine Smail, Bath Spa (Bath School of Art and Design), BA Student                  
  84. Daisy Mayer, Duncan of Jordanstone Jewellery student, Pause or Pay UK member
  85. Euan Sutherland
  86. Long Huang, MA Fine Art, CSM
  87. Sabrina Walker, UAL, BA Textiles Design, class of 2020                 
  88. Rory O’Neill, UG Student
  89. Vita Lerche, BA student, Glasgow School of Art                   
  90. Helena Holden, Manchester metropolitan university BA student                  
  91. Isidora Krsmanovic, Student              
  92. Charlie Newton, BA Student
  93. Jia Liu, Central Saint Martins MA Fine Art
  94. Ewan Pearce, BA (Hons) Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh                 
  95. Emily Knight, Glasgow School of Art, Undergraduate Student
  96. Nezliya Muhara, City and Guilds Art School BA student                   
  97. Paula Caffrey, MA student, UAL
  98. Joanna Holisz, Undergraduate student                      
  99. Bob Gelsthorpe, MA Student             
  100. Armands Klavins, UAL Camberwell (BA student)
  101. Jacqui Caffrey
  102. Greg Caffrey
  103. Megan Wright, Undergraduate student
  104. Clara Zaina, London Metropolitan BA Student
  105. Honey, BA Student, KSA, What's happening KSA
  106. Lara Ritter Cruz, Glasgow School of Art, Fine Art Photography Undergraduate
  107. Declan Latham, UAL BA Student                   
  108. Evan Barlow, MA student 
  109. Viktoria Voykova, Student in Arts University Bournemouth, Pause or Pay UK member
  110. Ellis Parkinson, UCL BFA Student                 
  111. Ruby Townsend, BA student fine art
  112. James Canty, MA student, Central Saint Martins, UAL Student Union        
  113. Ruby Bankhead, UAL Chelsea College of Arts, Third year BA Textiles student
  114. Andrea Veseth, University of Huddersfield, BA student                    
  115. Lara Delabere Grint, University of Leeds, BA student, Leeds University Union
  116. Naomhán Spier, BA student, UAL Camberwell                     
  117. Mary, NTU BA student                       
  118. Chris. Dugrenier, MA Fine Art student
  119. Rhiannon Gray, BA student, University of Edinburgh            
  120. Halle Stoeppler, BA Student              
  121. Leticia Kawano, Ravensbourne B.A student             
  122. Elisabeth Tomlinson, Student            
  123. Matthew Connelly, BA Student at DJCAD                 
  124. Charlotte Cuny, MA student               
  125. Raisha Hussain, BA student at UAL
  126. Tania Rodrigues, Glasgow School of art BA student 
  127. Cecilia Napoli, Edinburgh College of Art
  128. Izzi Brannen, University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh College of Art) BA student                     
  129. Isabel Diaz Catoni, University of the art London, MA Student                      
  130. Zhengwei Li, Central Saint Martins, MA student                   
  131. Louise Morris, MA student                 
  132. Genna McWhinnie, UAL, Saint Martin’s MA student             
  133. Sarah Devaney, Kingston University, BA student, What's happening KSA  
  134. Lauren Seatter-Messer, Fine Art graduate (Oxford Brookes University, 2018/9)
  135. Leo Hall-Howl, De Montfort University, BA Hons student                 
  136. Yizhou Aiden Sun, Edinburgh College of Art, BA student                 
  137. Zoe Kenan      , UCL, Undergrad student, LtU UCL delegate           
  138. Fanny Harle, Royal College of Art, MA student
  139. Jennifer Jordan, University of Northampton Student
  140. Freya Crawford, LJMU           
  141. Alice Foxen, Royal college of art, student                 
  142. Maya, BSc student, University of <anchester                        
  143. Iris Ollier, BA Fine Art student at Newcastle University, 9k4what Newcastle           
  144. William Farmer, Manchester Metropolitan University, BA Student
  145. Rosalind Duguid, Newcastle university, BA Fine Art student                        
  146. Andrew Barker-Reid, BA Student, Started the 9K4WHAT RAVENSBOURNE petition
  147. Itasha Tezoo, Student                        
  148. Isabelle Cole, Student                        
  149. Jessica Procter-Blain, De Montfort University, BA Student
  150. Katherine Stanley, Undergraduate student at Edinburgh College Of Art                  
  151. Inés Buchanan, Newcastle University, BA                 
  152. Harriet Crossley, BA Hons student                
  153. Joe Gilling, University of Brighton, BA Student
  154. Miranda, BA student               
  155. Cecilia Napoli, Edinburgh College of Art
  156. Rachel Ng, Brighton university BA Hons student                  
  157. Marie Sirenay, MA student                 
  158. Niamh Walker, Undergraduate student at University of Birmingham
  159. Anton Alexander, Nottingham Trent               
  160. Katy Longster, University of Edinburgh - BA student            
  161. Anne Carney Raines, MA Painting at Royal College of Art
  162. Jessica Rosaleen Broughton, BA Interior design student, year 3. Chelsea College of Art and Design, UAL, London
  163. Ilaria G., MA Student
  164. Nilgun, University of arts london BA interior Design
  165. Patrycja Dlugosz, BA student, University of the Arts London                        
  166. Julia Kelpinska, University of the arts London, BA student               
  167. Sofia, BA Student, Chelsea College of Arts (UAL)    
  168. Amy Henry, UAL Student                   
  169. Bia Lee, MA student               
  170. Jody Mulvey, 2020 graduate, SADGRADS2020 founder
  171. Clara, MA student
  172. Siyu Xue, UAL MA student
  173. Catrin Jones, Bath spa, Student
  174. Ana-Catrinel Visan, University of the Arts London (UAL), BA student
  175. Zhengwei Li, Central Saint Martins, MA student                   
  176. Isabelle Reeve, Edinburgh College of Art, undergraduate student               
  177. Ella Davies, University of Edinburgh, BA student                  
  178. Oscar Parkinson, BA student                         
  179. Ed Compson, Royal College of Art - 2020 Graduate             
  180. Kate Harris, Leeds Beckett University, Student                     
  181. Rosie Stonham, MA Student
  182. Guy Howe Conners, ECA, Student                
  183. Marte Hallingstad Barstad, Student               
  184. Eleanor, Edinburgh University, undergraduate student                     
  185. Charlott Rodgers, MFA Glass student Edinburgh College of Art                  
  186. Lily Rose Clayton, BA fine art, The Slade, UCL
  187. Maeve McPherson, Central Saint Martins at the University of Arts London             
  188. George Millership, UG Student, EUSA          
  189. Emma, MA student                 
  190. Kate, UAL, BA student                       
  191. Katherine Woods, Norwich University of the Arts, First Year Student                      
  192. Safira Taylor, MA graduate 2020, Royal College of Art                     
  193. Daisy Jones, Kingston University student
  194. Nicola De Blasi, MA student               
  195. Hannah Steel, BA student at Winchester School of Art                    
  196. Esme Whitehead, Student at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL                   
  197. Mia Matthews, LJMU Student
  198. Torunn Gullaksen, MA student, Central Saint Martins
  199. Louise Binder, MA student                 
  200. Saoirse Turner, BA student, University of the Arts London
  201. Ella Barrow, BA Fashion Kingston School of Art 2020 Graduate
  202. Eden Ward, University of the arts London BA student                      
  203. Alex Huxter, Chelsea College of Art, BA ID Student             
  204. Ariel Helyes, RCA graduate 2020      
  205. Phoebe gould, Student
  206. Azeska Ellis, Chelsea college of arts (BA), UAL
  207. Annis Edwards, MA Student, Central Saint Martins, Material Futures
  208. Jessica Kim, RCA MA Painting Graduate                  
  209. Junbin Yang, MA student of UAL                   
  210. Arina Shokouhi, MA Student, University of Arts London (UAL)
  211. Benjamin Dusserre-Robinson, London Metropolitan University BA student, SU      
  212. Julia Widawska Antić, BA student, Pause Or Pay UK member        
  213. Caitlin Davidson, JMD Student, DJCAD student
  214. Ana Mata, MA Student, Student union
  215. Miguel Martínez Souto, BA Student               
  216. George Sizer, Student                        
  217. Zofia Skoroszewska, RCA MA                       
  218. Klaudia Karpinska, Undergraduate student               
  219. Penny Anderson, Graduate, Glasgow School of Art
  220. Martin Cremer, BA student at London Metropolitan University                     
  221. Sonya Kireva, UAL, BA student
  222. Luiza Nossol, Third year BA               
  223. Angharad Blundell, BA student                      
  224. Ezra Berrnico, BA Student at University of Edinburgh
  225. Olga Wiczuk-Wiczewska, UAL BA student                
  226. Hayley Caine, MA student                  
  227. Joe, MA Student
  228. Nyeisha, BA student, London metropolitan university 
  229. Meerra Jjairaj, University of the Arts London BA Hons student                    
  230. Isaac Firby, London Metropolitan - Student               
  231. Agnes Fouda, LMU Architecture Arts and Design School BA student                      
  232. Ella Keeling, Kingston BA (hons) Student
  233. Michael Pritchard, Aston University, Postgraduate Research Student                     
  234. Sonj Limbu, Undergraduate student  
  235. Ilaria Quinte, MA student at Central Saint Martins                
  236. Frankie Egan, Edinburgh College of Art, MA Fine Art student                      
  237. Lars Schmidt, MLitt student, Glasgow School of Art             
  238. Cova Trujillo Mateos, MA Student, UAL
  239. Ezra Ward, University of Sheffield Undergraduate                
  240. Alessandro Moroni, Royal College of Art, London, MA student                    
  241. Klaudia Karpinska, Undergraduate student               
  242. Elena Pontaque, UAL
  243. Charlie Armour-Chelu, BA Student
  244. Ben Redhead, GSA student               
  245. Keelin Robinson, University of Glasgow, PGDE Student                  
  246. Jacob Talkowski, Royal College of Art, MA student
  247. Victoria Oros, MArch student             
  248. Victoria Dong, MA student, Royal College of Art
  249. Arina Shokouhi, MA Student, University of Arts London (UAL)
  250. Beatrice Keelan, Newcastle university BA student                
  251. Jui Apte, UAL, MA student                 
  252. Gabriella Wilde, UWTSD MA student                        
  253. Ashlin Dolan, MA student                   
  254. Raphael, MA student              
  255. Louise Binder, MA student                 
  256. Martin Cremer, BA student at London Metropolitan University                     
  257. Ella Martin, University of Edinburgh  BA hons Painting                     
  258. Finity Soan, Kingston university BA               
  259. Millie Poynter, BA student university of the arts london
  260. Ian Richardson, UAL, MA Student                 
  261. Jacqui Caffrey
  262. Louise Binder, MA student                 
  263. Chris Mennell, BA Student, University of Brighton                
  264. Niloofar Zamanian, MA Student, Goldsmiths university of London               
  265. Bahareh Hatami, MA Student, Goldsmiths university                        
  266. Elisa, MA Student, Goldsmiths                       
  267. Fiona Burnett, Student, London Metropolitan
  268. Joseph Willoam, Student, Glasgow               
  269. Janey Wiltets, Student, RCA              
  270. Patrick Reed, Student, Kingston                    
  271. Chelsea Cowan, Student, Staffordshire University                
  272. Kelly Chan      , MA student, Goldsmiths, UoL                      
  273. Juan Fernando, Student and Student Rep, London Metropolitan University
  274. Riccardo Cenedella, MA student, UAL
  275. Nicholas Fisher, BA Student, Nottingham Trent University               
  276. Elif Aksakal, MSc student, Goldsmiths, University of London                       
  277. Elian Gray
  278. Misseti, Undergraduate, Wimbledon              
  279. Emerson Murphy, Undergrad, LSE, University of London Rent Strike         
  280. Wing Kei Tsang, BA student, Chelsea College of Arts
  281. Kate Marshall, BA Student, UAL                    
  282. Jessica Higgins, MA student, Glasgow School of Art                        
  283. Mollie, BA Student, Manchester Metropolitan University                  
  284. Amber Lin, BA Student, Central Saint Martins                       
  285. Rupert Loydell, Senior Lecturer, Falmouth University                       
  286. Eden Chapman-Maurice, BA Student, Newcastle university
  287. Sirapat Rujpipat, MA student, Goldsmiths, University of London
  288. Yiyi Qiao, MA student, Goldsmiths, University of London                 
  289. Mark Leckey
  290. Yeonsu Ju, BA student, Glasgow school of Art                     
  291. Nour "Calico" Metwally, Student, Kingston University
  292. Chantal Short, MFA Student, Edinburgh College of Art                    
  293. Yao Zhou, MSc student, Goldsmiths             
  294. Thomas Hamill, Graduate
  295. Ina Morken, UG Student, University of Edinburgh                 
  296. Jacob Gandy, UG Student, University of Edinburgh             
  297. Lily O’Connell, MA Student, Cardiff Metropolitan University             
  298. Lily O’Connell, Art Technician/ Support Staff, The College Merthyr Tydfil                
  299. Stuart Duncan, MA student, University of Kent                     
  300. Jasmine, Student, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama                       
  301. Grace Tobin, MA student, Royal College of Art, RCA Student Union           
  302. Renzo Szkwarok, MA Student, Newcastle                
  303. Victoria Craddock, student, University of Central Lancashire, 9k4what
  304. Leonie Bellini, BA student, Newcastle University                  
  305. Samuel Max Wray, Undergrad Student, Stirling, 9K4WHAT (National Secretary), Global Justice Stirling  
  306. Hannah Phillips, BSc Undergraduate student, University of Manchester
  307. Sajil kaleem, BA Student, Newcastle University                    
  308. Ellie, Undergraduate student, Newcastle University
  309. Melanie colbey, BA fine art, Newcastle                     
  310. Kat, BA, LCF               
  311. Malcolm Solomon, Undergraduate student, Kingston University                  
  312. Alessia Nava, Student, UAL central saint martin’s 
  313. Abigail Mcginley, Undergraduate student, UCL                     
  314. Edward Scott, BA Student, Falmouth University                   
  315. Emma Caro, BA student, University of the Arts, London                  
  316. Roisin Francis, BA student, City and Guilds of London Art School               
  317. Charlotte Marnoch, undergrad, Newcastle University                       
  318. Alfie biro, Ba student, City and guilds of london                    
  319. Lucy Stewart, BFA, UCL                    
  320. Maya Aomatsu, BA student, Newcastle University                
  321. Nathan Davis, BA student, City & Guilds of London art school
  322. Paul Barclay, BA Student, University of Dundee, Pause or Pay UK
  323. Millie Riddell, Undergraduate student, University of Edinburgh                    
  324. Manako Maddison, Undergraduate degree Student, Newcastle University              
  325. Maximilian Wolf, MA Student, Goldsmiths, University of London
  326. Claudia, BA hons student, Sunderland university                 
  327. Holly rowett, BA student, UCL                        
  328. Vianne Furey, BA student, City and Guilds of London Art School                
  329. Seren Hamer, UG student, Newcastle University                  
  330. Willow Dawes, BA student, University of Plymouth               
  331. Eva Masterman, Ceramic Fellow, Newcastle                        
  332. Sophie Deegan, Third year student, Plymouth College of Art                       
  333. Areena Ang, BA student, UCL                       
  334. Gaby Waltman, MA student, Royal College of Art                 
  335. Prab Naththarampatha, MFA Student, The Glasgow School of Art
  336. Phoebe Price, BA student, Manchester Metropolitan University                   
  337. Joe      , Student, University of westminster               
  338. Noah El Hachem, Undergraduate, University College London                     
  339. Samantha daley, Student, Liverpool John moores                
  340. Kacper Pieta, Student, University of Edinburgh                    
  341. Sarah Godsill, Parent of 1st Year Undergraduate student, Glasgow School of Art
  342. Tash, First year, Norwich uni of arts
  343. Harriet driver, BA(Hons), Leeds beckett university                
  344. Rebecca Sherrington, BA student, Leeds Beckett university 
  345. Paloma Silversved Miralles, Foundation Student, Central Saint Martins                  
  346. Rosie liddle, Undergraduate, Leeds Beckett University
  347. Tilly, Student, The university of Edinburgh                
  348. Haoqi Wang, MA student, Royal College of Art                     
  349. Laura Kennedy, BA student, University of Brighton              
  350. Beth Fursman, Student, Leeds Beckett
  351. Mollie Beresford, Undergraduate student, University of Edinburgh              
  352. Wosam, Undergraduate Student, London Metropolitan University               
  353. Bethany Dyke, MA student, Goldsmiths                    
  354. Eloise, BA student, University of Plymouth                
  355. Miguel Martinez Souto, Y2 Undergraduate, London Metropolitan University
  356. Cali, Undergraduate student, Birmingham city university                  
  357. Anna-Mhairi Kane, BA student, The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts             
  358. Lucy Morcombe,Undergraduate, Goldsmiths, University of London             
  359. Alice Atkins, Undergrad, Bath spa
  360. Victoria Buurman, Student, London metropolitan Uni school of Art and Design      
  361. Amy McCartney, Student, Newcastle University                   
  362. Katherine Borland, MA student, The OU                   
  363. Jake Smurthwaite, BSc Student, Leeds Beckett                   
  364. Elena, BA Student, London College of Communication (UAL), Dearual2020, PauseOrPay            
  365. Aled Haywood, Alumnus, Edinburgh College of Art              
  366. Mary Hartley, Alumnus, Edinburgh College of Art                 
  367. Bethany Hadfield, MA student, Royal college of art              
  368. Enxhi Mandija, Postgraduate Student (MLitt), Glasgow School of Art                      
  369. Charis Loke, MA student, Goldsmiths, University of London            
  370. Grace Woodcock, Alumni, RCA                     
  371. Oliver Canessa, MFA student (1st year), Glasgow School of Art                 
  372. Benjamin Bird, MA Student, RCA      
  373. Helen Wilson, MA student, Royal college of art                    
  374. Sian Jones, MA student, Camberwell UAL
  375. Amelia Claringbull, BA student, Central Saint Martins                      
  376. Grace Jones, MA student, York St John University
  377. Anne Carney Raines, MA student, Royal College of Art
  378. Sophie goodchild, MA Student, Royal College of Art
  379. Saskia Verwijs, Student, Falmouth                
  380. Ruby Cocker, Student, University of the Arts London                       
  381. Stevie MacKinnon-Smith, Prospective MA student, Goldsmiths                   
  382. Toby Harrison, Student, UAL             
  383. Isabelle Cole, Student, Bath Spa                   
  384. Izabella Kerr
  385. Shani Haquin Gerade, BAFA student, Goldsmiths, University Of London                
  386. Lemon Fraser, BA student, Glasgow School of Art               
  387. Giada Zavarise, MA student, Goldsmiths University             
  388. Maciej Szczygielski, BA student, University of the arts London                    
  389. Courtney Mandell, BA student year 3, London Metropolitan University
  390. Julia Brzozowska, BA student, University of the Arts London
  391. Alberto, BA Student, Nottingham Trent University                
  392. Julia Darley, BA (Hons) student, Leeds arts university                     
  393. Frankie, Student, UAL                        
  394. Emily DeFelice, BA student, Leeds Art University                 
  395. Victoria Buurman, Student, London metropolitan Uni school of Art and Design                  
  396. Isabella Porta, BA student, UAL - LCC                      
  397. Joel Goldstein, Student, University of Brighton                     
  398. Joshua Richardson, BA student, University of Liverpool                   
  399. Nancy Downs, BA student, AUB
  400. Anita Marante Teixeira, MA student, Royal College of Art                
  401. Estere Litvinska, BA student, University of The Arts London
  402. Eva Beatriz Granja dos Anjos, BA film student, University of Arts of London
  403. Claire Batt       MA student, Manchester School of Art                      
  404. Rita Silva, MA Student, Royal College of Art             
  405. Jennifer McMillan, MA student, Royal College of Art            
  406. Inês Coelho da Silva, MA student, Royal College of Art                   
  407. Vivian Ross-Smith, MA Student 2019-20, Glasgow School of Art                
  408. Jasmina Tims, BA student, Chelsea college of art                
  409. Isabelle stephens, Undergrad student, Plymouth college of art                    
  410. Mathilde Continsoux, BA student, London college of fashion                       
  411. Hwan Baek, BA student, UAL
  412. Ronan Porter, MA Student, Royal College of Art                  
  413. Tânia Viega, BA student, London College of Fashion                       
  414. Maria Barreto, BA (Hons), LCF
  415. Tian, MA student, Goldsmiths                        
  416. Olivia Britz, Undergrad year 1, University for the Creative Arts                    
  417. Valeriia Katalnykova, BA student, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London
  418. Diana Amado, BA student, University of Arts London                       
  419. Alessandra Centorbi, Undergraduate student, Nottingham Trent University                        
  420. Maria Jacinta Silva Armstrong, Student, Royal College of Art
  421. Anita Marante Teixeira, MA student, Royal College of Art                
  422. Lorraine Murphy, BA student, Nottingham Trent University              
  423. Georgina Watson, MA student, Royal College of Art                        
  424. Katherine Murphy, MA Student, Glasgow School of Art                    
  425. Neil Bennett, Student, London Met
  426. Katharina Siegel, MA student alumni (2020), Royal College of Art London             
  427. Marie Muller Priqueler, MA student, Royal College of Art                 
  428. Victoria Hart, Foundation Mature student (self-funded), Manchester School of Art
  429. Marnie Hamilton, Student Union Co President, Royal College of Art                       
  430. Freya, MA student, GSA, NUS           
  431. Nadjezda Zaremba-Byrne, BA Student, University of the Arts London                    
  432. Holly Slater, BA(hons) student, Nottingham trent 
  433. Joseph Howell, BA student, UAL Camberwell College of Arts                      
  434. Lauren Barnett, Student, Nottingham Trent University
  435. Jemma Shreeve, BA Student, Nottingham Trent                  
  436. Lucy Platt, BA student, Hugh Baird University Centre                       
  437. Oriel, Digital Film Production, Ravensbourne University                   
  438. Ella Sainsbury, BA student, Nottingham Trent University                 
  439. Roza Wisniowolska, Undergraduate Student, UWE Bristol              
  440. Lydia Kinzett, Undergraduate student, Nottingham Trent University                        
  441. Lorelei Bere, Foundation student, City and Guilds of London Art School
  442. Charlotte Forbes Adam, Student foundation, City and Guilds London Art School
  443. Wolfgang Boettcher, Foundation Student, City and Guilds of London Art School
  444. Sophia Kenna, International Foundation Student, City & Guilds of London Art School
  445. Olivia Silverstein, MA student, Royal College of Art
  446. Kate Appleby  
  447. Sarah Mercer, Library Staff, Royal College of Art                 
  448. Maisy, Foundation student, City and Guilds of London Art School               
  449. Grace Cupper, MA Student, University of Reading               
  450. Sirun Chiarini, Foundation, City and Guilds               
  451. Ella van der Straaten, BaHons undergraduate, Nottingham Trent                
  452. Klaudia Kubica, BA student, Arts University Bournemouth               
  453. Ellie Harrison, Foundation student, City & Guilds of London Art School                  
  454. Simran Gupte, MDes student, The Glasgow School of Art               
  455. Juste Rutkauskaite, BA student, Arts University Bournemouth                    
  456. Molly Williams Prentice, BA Student, University of Edinburgh                      
  457. Andre Alexandre Zoio Closel, MLA postgrad, University of edinburgh
  458. Lai Tsz wai, MLA student, University of Edinburgh
  459. Melissa Viguier, Mla student post graduate, University of Edinburgh                       
  460. Jemima, Foundation Diploma student, City and Guilds London Art School
  461. Josephine Billany, BSc Student, Cardiff University               
  462. James Southall-Ford, BA Student, Goldsmiths                     
  463. Natalia Parejo Ruge, BA student, Camberwell College of Arts, UAL
  464. Angelica Cresswell, BA student, Goldsmiths University of London
  465. Leonardo Dal Colle, BA Student, Goldsmiths, University of London            
  466. Catherine Browne, EMiLA (MA), Edinburgh college of Art                
  467. Benjamin Jones, MLA Student, University of Edinburgh
  468. Isabella Williams, BA Student, Arts University Bournemouth                       
  469. Naomi Bembridge, BA student, Goldsmiths              
  470. Louise Hampden, Undergraduate/BA, Arts University Bournemouth                       
  471. Aurelia McGlynn-Richon, BA student, Goldsmiths University of London                  
  472. Tamzin Worboys, BA student, Central st Martins (UAL)
  473. Laura Kennedy, BA Student, University of Brighton              
  474. Sally Mairs, MDes Year 1, GSA                     
  475. Elisa Benaggoune, BA honours FDA, UCA farnham             
  476. Emily, BA student, Goldsmiths University
  477. Olivier Richon, Staff, RCA, UCU
  478. Kurtis Lincoln, BA Student, Goldsmiths University of London
  479. Goncalo, MA student, Goldsmiths College                
  480. Rigmor Fischer, BA, Goldsmiths University               
  481. Patrick McKeever, Bachelor of Arts finalist, University of Sussex
  482. Rebecca, MA student, Arts University Bournemouth
  483. Ben Moston, BA Student, University Of Creative Arts Farnham                   
  484. Isabella Hayward, BA student, Goldsmiths college               
  485. Doreen, BA Student, University for the Creative Arts                        
  486. Alba Schloessingk, BA Student, Goldsmiths University
  487. Georgina Woodford, Undergraduate degree, Arts University Bournemouth
  488. Rebecca, MA student, Arts University Bournemouth
  489. Taylah Harley Crampton, Undergraduate, Coventry University
  490. Tsz Yin Yung, MLA student, University of Edinburgh
  491. Jesse Howarth, BA student, Newcastle University                
  492. Catherine Repko, MA Student, Royal College of Art             
  493. Maria Pappa, MA Student, Royal College of Art                   
  494. Marta Gaspar, MA student, Royal College of Art                  
  495. Putri Taufik, MA student, Royal College of Art                      
  496. Liz Jackson, MA student, RCA                       
  497. Xinyu Sheng, MA student, Royal college of Art                     
  498. Benjamin Nugent, MA student, Royal College of Art             
  499. Hanne Peeraer, Ma student, Royal college of art
  500. Victoria Dong, MA student, Royal College of Art, UCU         
  501. Marian Lee, UG student, Goldsmiths                         
  502. Peng, MA student, Royal college of Arts                   
  503. Laura Moreton-Griffiths, MA student, RCA
  504. Danyan Liu, MA student, Royal College of Art                      
  505. Charlie Humble-Thomas, MA Student, Royal College of Art
  506. Angelo, BEng Student, University Of Derby              
  507. Tsan Wang, MA Student, Royal College of Art                      
  508. Ye Zhang, MA student, Royal College Of Art
  509. Zein Majali, MA student, Royal College of Art                       
  510. Isaac Azzopardi, MA student, Royal College of Art               
  511. Fabio Cervi, MA Student, Royal College of Art                      
  512. Yiwei Lin, MA student, Royal College of Art              
  513. Lily Pardoe, BA student, Bath Spa                 
  514. Harry Ross-Masson, MA Student, Royal College of Art                    
  515. Josephine von Bülow, MA Student, Royal College of Art                  
  516. Rory watkins, BA student, Brunel university London             
  517. Yeuk hei ip, MA student, royal college of art, RCA action group
  518. Sebastian Roeck, MA student, Royal College of Art             
  519. Anne Ferial, MA student, Royal College of Art                      
  520. Naomi, BA student, Brighton
  521. Sara Varady, MA Print student, Royal College of Art                        
  522. Gianmarco Nagni, MA student (Year 1), Royal College of Art                      
  523. Loren Argenio, BA Graduate 2020, Bath Spa University                  
  524. Emily Chooi, MA student, Royal College of Art
  525. Lucas Priest, BA Student, The University of Edinburgh , The Dirt Collective 
  526. Matthew C. Hawkins, MA Student, University of Portsmouth                        
  527. Lu Lyu, MA student, Royal College of Art                  
  528. Lydia Brockless, MA Student, Royal College of Art               
  529. Helga Fannon, MA, Royal college of art
  530. Patrick O'Neill, MA Student, Royal College of Art, RCA Action Group         
  531. Laura Asselborn, Ma Student, Royal college of art               
  532. Emil Lombardo, MA student, Royal College of Art                
  533. Maria Fernanda Lopez, MA Animation, RCA
  534. Seabomna Choe, MA Student, Royal college of art              
  535. Miles Schneegass-Wilson, Student, City & Guilds of London Art School                 
  536. Harrison Tan, MA, Royal College of Art                     
  537. David Howells, Associate Lecturer, London Metropolitan University, UCU  
  538. Signe Williams, MA student, RCA                  
  539. Luisa Charles, MA/MSc student, RCA/Imperial College                   
  540. Jane Turner, SL, London Metropolitan University, Equity     
  541. Alexandra Diez de Rivera, MA student, Royal College of Art
  542. Shane Boothby, LLM Student, Birkbeck                    
  543. Saarah Malik, BA student, Ravensbourne University London, Students Not Consumers
  544. Simona Manavska, Undergraduate student, UWE Bristol                 
  545. Sholto Wilson, Ex student, BIMM  Brighton               
  546. Sophie Burt, BA Student, University of South Wales            
  547. Charlie Ellis, Student, London College of Fashion, IMT        
  548. Qingqing Liu, MA student, Royal college of Art                     
  549. Shiwen Wang, MA student, Royal College of Art, RCA Action Group
  550. Sam Pittman, MA student, University of York                        
  551. Clementine Coles, BA student, University of the Arts London, Camberwell college of arts                         
  552. Rieko Whitfield, MA Student, Royal College of Art                
  553. Charlotte Chouler-Tissier, student, The University of Edinburgh                  
  554. Chih-Ying Chang, MA student, Royal College of Art             
  555. Shuhua, MA student, royal college of art                   
  556. Ling Jiang, MA student, Royal College of Art            
  557. Melanie Issaka, Ma student, Rca                   
  558. Yunzhou Tan, MA student, Royal College of Art                   
  559. Matilda Moors, AL, London Metropolitan University & UWE, UCU
  560. Olivia, UG student, ECA                     
  561. Natalie, BA student, Leeds Arts University                
  562. Anita Agarwal, MA student, Royal College of Arts                
  563. John Keefe, Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University, UCU            
  564. Betsy, Alumni, UAL                
  565. Hayley Gibson, MA, Royal College of Art                  
  566. Linden Reilly, Lecturer, London Metropolitan University, NAFAE Treasurer
  567. emma davenport, Senior Lecturer
  568. Tomas, MA Student, Goldsmiths                   
  569. Jin Wang, MA student, Royal College of Art              
  570. Alex Wilmoth, Undergraduate student, University of the West of England
  571. Giada, Ma student, Ual                       
  572. Elyssa Donoghue, student, London Southbank University
  573. Katrine Lyck, Student, Royal College of Art
  574. Finlay Naylor, MA student, Bath Spa University                    
  575. yi liu, MFA student, Edinburgh College of Art
  576. Susannah        MA, Goldsmiths                      
  577. Gina bowlby, Undergraduate student BA fine art, Newcastle university 
  578. Katie Wilkins, MA student, University of Portsmouth 
  579. Mai, Undergraduate, Newcastle University, 
  580. Sammy Atkinson, Undergrad, Newcastle University             
  581. James Thomas, Undergraduate student, Northumbria University
  582. Susan vinson, Parent, Cardiff University       
  583. Rohan Smith, BA student, Newcastle university 
  584. Upasana Kashyap, MA student, University of arts London
  585. Lucy, BA student, UAL, UAL Rent Strike team          
  586. Zac Baker, UG student, Newcastle university                       
  587. Sophia Tate, BA Student, University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh College of Art)                    
  588. Tasnim Khatun, undergraduate 1st year, AUB
  589. Rhiannon Hill, BA student, Birmingham City University                    
  590. Clare Robb, BA Student, The Glasgow School of Art                       
  591. Milo Snape, Student, Newcastle University               
  592. Jack, BA student, University of Brighton                    
  593. Alice Tucker, BA Student, AUB
  594. Paige Burnett, BA Student, University for the Creative Arts
  595. Arian Haf Sellers-French, Undergraduate, LJMU Student
  596. Maisy Beal, BA Graphic Design Student, Bath Spa              
  597. Meg Bathard, BA student, London College of Communication (UAL)                      
  598. Rosie Benge, Undergraduate student, MMU             
  599. Hannah Cobb, BA Student, Manchester Metropolitan University                 
  600. Naomi Nelson, BSc Student, Newcastle University               
  601. Megan Wellman, Undergraduate Student, Falmouth University                   
  602. Iona Gibson, MA Student, University of the Arts London                  
  603. Clara Glyn, Bachelor degree, Manchester Metropolitan University, MMU fine art action group
  604. Phoebe Precious, BSc Student, Newcastle University                      
  605. Jo We, BA student, Leeds arts university                  
  606. Sue Benge, Parent, Manchester Metropolitan                       
  607. Krunal Maniar, BA student, London college of communication                     
  608. Indi L, undergraduate, portsmouth                 
  609. Christian Esimaje, MA student, De Montfort University
  610. Chih-Kang Hsu, MFA student, Glasgow school of art                       
  611. Alexandra Stenberg, BA student, University of the Arts London                   
  612. Alice Dadswell, BA Student, University of Leeds                  
  613. Alexander Jones, Student, Sheffield Hallam University
  614. eline v. dijk, MA student, royal college of art             
  615. Rachel Mccallum, Student, University of the West of England, Rent strike  
  616. amber lunt, BA student, Camberwell College of Arts            
  617. Christian Esimaje, MA student, De Montfort University
  618. Deandra Asara, MA Student, Royal College of Art                
  619. Anna Sheriakova, MA student, RCA              
  620. Wenzhe Xu, MA student, Royal College of Art                      
  621. Olivia Bouzyk, MA student, University of the arts London                 
  622. Erin Jones, BA Student, University of Salford                       
  623. James Digges La Touche, BSc Student, Birmingham City University
  624. Joshua Coleman, Undergraduate Student Final Year, University of Salford                        
  625. Daniel Mc Carthy, Undergraduate student, Bartlett School of Architecture University College London
  626. Jonathan Baird, BSc student, Swansea University               
  627. Fern Monkton, BA Student, University of Brighton                
  628. Billie Browne, BA Textile Design Student, Chelsea College of Art               
  629. Isabel Foster, BA student, Leeds arts university                   
  630. Haoqi Wang, MA student, Royal College of Art                     
  631. Molly Gibson, Third Year BA Student, Leeds Arts University                        
  632. Ted Claypole, Student, Sheffield hallam                    
  633. Shane beales, Student, Ravensbourne                     
  634. Callum, BA student, Manchester metropolitan university                  
  635. Sophie Knight, MFA student, UCL Slade School of Fine Art             
  636. Danielle Hewitt, Lecturer, London Metropolitan University, UCU      
  637. Benaissa Majeri, BA student, University of the Arts London
  638. Coco Cardozo, BA student, University of Sussex                 
  639. Kirsty Davies, Ba student, Manchester Metropolitan University                    
  640. Abbey h, Second year BA student, University of Sunderland                       
  641. Rebecca Matthews, Student, Loughborough University                   
  642. Alice, BSc Undergraduate, UAL                     
  643. Emily, BA Student, Leeds Arts University      
  644. Darci, Student, University for the Creative Arts                     
  645. Imogen Smith, Student, University for the Creative Arts                   
  646. Olivia Mckay, Student, University for the Creative Arts                     
  647. India Stoby, Student, University for the Creative Arts                       
  648. Isabelle Tustin, Student, University for the Creative Arts                  
  649. Georgia Stevenson, Student, University for the Creative Arts                      
  650. Sophie Wakley, Student, University for the Creative Arts                 
  651. Rebecca Fletcher, Student, University for the Creative Arts                         
  652. Madeline Goddard, Student, University for the Creative Arts                        
  653. Heather cochran, Student, University for the Creative Arts               
  654. Natasha Smith, Student, University for the Creative Arts                  
  655. Rosie Johnson, Student, University for the Creative Arts                 
  656. Eider Garcia, Student, University for the Creative Arts                     
  657. Marcos caires, Student, University for the Creative Arts                   
  658. Isobel Blackhurst, Student, University for the Creative Arts              
  659. Ana Morais, Student, University for the Creative Arts                       
  660. Martina Milanese, Student, University for the Creative Arts              
  661. Cliona Gissaine, Student, University for the Creative Arts                
  662. Michael Amoh-Donkor, Student, University for the Creative Arts                 
  663. Serena Mundi, Student, University for the Creative Arts                   
  664. Isabelle Hogg, Student, University for the Creative Arts                   
  665. Barbara Lindisburg, Student, University for the Creative Arts                       
  666. Lucrezia Drosi, Undergrad, Bath spa university                    
  667. Edvinas Svabauskas, Student, UWE Bristol              
  668. Annie Higgins, BA Student, Hereford College of Arts                        
  669. Daisy, MA student, Arts University Bournemouth                  
  670. Natasha martin, Undergrad student, Newcastle university               
  671. Nan Wang, MA student, Royal College of Art, RCA Action Group
  672. Chengwei Mao, MA student, Royal College of Art                
  673. Harry Anderson, BA (Hons) Student, Hereford College of Arts                    
  674. Amalia Goga, BA (hons) Student, Hereford College of Arts              
  675. Jessica Ingram, Undergraduate, Birmingham City University                       
  676. Elise Argent, Undergraduate, Nottingham Trent Course Representative     
  677. Fleming mason, BA student, University of Arts London Central Saint Martins
  678. Kit bacon, Masters, University of goldsmiths London UCL   
  679. Timothy Betton, BA graduate, Edinburgh                  
  680. Ella Smith, BA Fine Art, Bath Spa University                         
  681. Heidi Baines, Undergrad Student, London Metropolitan University              
  682. Georgia, BA Student, University of the Arts London
  683. John Tregembo, BA Student, London metropolitan university                      
  684. David Hopkins, Student, London Metropolitan                      
  685. Klaudia, BA student, London metropolitan                
  686. Imogen Lee, Ba student, Cardiff Metropolitan                       
  687. Devora Moleman, Ba student (illustration), University of Portsmouth
  688. Hannah Morris, BA student, Kingston University                   
  689. Klaudia, BA student, London metropolitan                
  690. Jasmir Creed, PhD student, Slade School of Fine Art                       
  691. Jennifer Warren, PHD student and HPL, University of the Arts London       UCU HPL and Membership Rep, London College of Fashion           
  692. Emily Taylor, Undergraduate student, Bath Spa University              
  693. carolyn clewer, Lecturer ual, ucu       
  694. Isobel Boyle, Undergraduate Student, Sheffield Hallam
  695. Nicholas Birchall, Student, Ex Loughborough Art College
  696. Katherine Pogson, student and HPL, UAL
  697. Alexia McDonald, BA Undergraduate, King's College London                      
  698. Elsie Garner, Student, University of Brighton                        
  699. Honor Anderson, Undergraduate, Glasgow School of Art                 
  700. Stephen Chadwick, BA student, Plymouth College of Art                 
  701. Oscar Orr, BA student, London Met               
  702. Jade Pathak, Student, Morley college                       
  703. Diana, BA student, Birmingham City University                    
  704. Freya Donaldson, BA student, University of West England              
  705. Ivy, Student first year, Kingston School of art                        
  706. Miriam Arnott, BA student, Ual Camberwell              
  707. Alison Romaine, undergraduate student, university of sheffield                   
  708. Claudia Gusella, Undergraduate student, UAL: Central Saint Martins
  709. Jenny Cao, Undergrad, Sussex Uni               
  710. Luciano Pecoits, student (diploma), Academy of Fine Arts, Munich (GER), AStA, Konvent of AdBK Munich        
  711. Henrike Knappe, BA Student, University of the arts London                         
  712. Areti Primikyri, BA Student, UAL                    
  713. Yasmin Swallow, Graduate, University of the Arts London
  714. James Briggs, MFA Student, Nottingham Trent University, NTUBC
  715. Woosun Choi, MA student, Nottingham Trent University                  
  716. Liza Gooden, BA student, Nottingham Trent             
  717. Samantha Tweddle, BA student, University of Sunderland               
  718. Imogen stevens, Ug final year student, Edinburgh college of art                  
  719. ummi junid, MA student, norwich university of the arts
  720. Jacob Sirkin, Ba student, Central Saint Martins                    
  721. Josephine Wheeler, MA student, Nottingham Trent University                     
  722. Melisa cerriku, MA student, Trent Nottingham university, Supporter Pause or Pay
  723. Gabriel Cautain, MA student, University of the Arts London             
  724. Eliza, BA student, Kingston University                       
  725. Alex Beeston, MA student, Royal college of art                    
  726. Amara Piparia-Lea, BA Student, Hereford College of Arts                
  727. Hannah Jones, BA Student, Hereford College of Arts                       
  728. Kelly Ballett, Student, Royal College of Art                
  729. Antonia Doughty, MFA Student, Goldsmiths
  730. Niamh Evans, Undergraduate student, University College London              
  731. Beth Walker, MA Student, Royal College of Art, London, RCASU   
  732. Ledou, mla, the university of edinburgh                     
  733. Eden Russell, Student, Nottingham Trent University
  734. Tabitha Davies, Student, Hereford College of Arts                
  735. Ive, MA Student, Goldsmiths
  736. Joanna Longuet-Higgins, Ba student, Hereford College of Arts                   
  737. Honor Collins, BA student, Bath Spa University                    
  738. Kimberley Willshire, Undergraduate 3rd Year, Middlesex University                        
  739. Ellie Rolfe, BA, Hereford College Of Arts                  
  740. Joe Shellard, BA student, Hereford college of arts                
  741. Amelia Vallender, BA(Hons) Student, Arts University Bournemouth                        
  742. Megan white, Ba student, Hereford collage of arts                
  743. Tiarna Whitmarsh, BA Hons student, Hereford college of arts
  744. Laura Barroso, BA student, Camberwell College of Arts                  
  745. Subhasree, MA student, Goldsmiths             
  746. Khristina Stolyarova, BA student, Central Saint Martins       UAL
  747. Hannah Bowles, MFA student, Goldsmiths               
  748. Tara Jettoo, BA student, Bath spa university, BSAD action group   
  749. Nicholas Ilic, Pgr, Dundee                  
  750. Oliver Bacon, BA(Hons) Undergraduate, Bath Spa University                     
  751. Elise, Masters Student, Goldsmiths University of London                 
  752. Tallula Mordue, Undergraduate student, Bath Spa University
  753. Gaby, BA Student, Bath Spa School of Art & Design
  754. Tianna Pepe, BA Student, Arts University Bournemouth                  
  755. Audree, MA Student, Goldsmiths                   
  756. Khourie Allen, BA student, Kingston School of Art
  757. Parissa Naderi Nasab, MSc student, University of Nottingham                    
  758. Megan Stuart, MA student, Goldsmiths                     
  759. Damien Chong, BA Student, UWE Bristol
  760. Jasmine Hughes, Student, University of Wales Trinity Saint David              
  761. Max Marshall-Kalp, BA Student, City and Guilds of London Art School       
  762. Lucy Allen, BA Student, Northumbria University                   
  763. Michelle Leano, BA Graphic Design Student, University of the Arts London, UAL End Outsourcing student member       
  764. Elias Vasiloudes, Undergraduate Student, The University of Edinburgh, Undergraduate Student of Edinburgh College of Art     
  765. Onna Borbely-Bartis, BA Student, Bath Spa University                    
  766. Jemma Shreeve, BA Student, Nottingham Trent University             
  767. Julia Baudler, MA Student, Royal College of Art
  768. Emma Willis, 2020 Graduate, UAL Central Saint Martins                 
  769. Will mallorie, Student, Camberwell                
  770. Charley Skinner, Undergraduate Student, Bath Spa University                    
  771. Oscar Graham- Rosser, BA student, Camberwell                 
  772. Abigail medlycott, Undergraduate 3rd year, Bath school of art & design                  
  773. Eden Angus, BA student, Bath Spa               
  774. Melissa Goldswain, BA student, University for the Creative Arts                  
  775. Ella Burgess, Student, Newcastle                  
  776. Julia Bertholdi, BA, Camberwell                     
  777. Mairi, Student, Royal College of Art               
  778. Buket yenidogan, Ma, Royal college of Art
  779. Dorotea Petrucci, MA Student, Royal College of Art
  780. Fanny Lutze, BA student , University of Arts London                        
  781. Radhita, BA student, Kingston School of Art
  782. Chamine Ghuss, Student, The university of Brighton                        
  783. Juliette Rounce, BA student, University of Westminster
  784. Jules Bleckman, Ba student, City and guilds of London art school               
  785. Gaia, BA student, UAL                       
  786. Estere Litvinska, BA student, University of The Arts London                        
  787. Anna Shorthouse, Undergraduate student, University of Liverpool              
  788. Mae, Student, Goldsmiths                  
  789. Olivia Bouzyk, MA student, University of the arts London                 
  790. Bobbie Twaddle, BA Student, University of Essex
  791. Eli Johnathan Perriment, 3rd Year Undergraduate Student, University of Gloucestershire, Change UoG
  792. Cora Weiss, BA student, Newcastle              
  793. Jesse may fisher, MA, Royal college of art
  794. Mai, BA Student, UCL, LTU member
  795. Chloe Sturrs, Undergrad, Liverpool John Moores                 
  796. Joanna Piotrowska, BA Student, UAL                       
  797. Imogen Stoppani, BArch Student, Glasgow School of Art                
  798. Emily Hill, BA student, Camberwell college of arts                
  799. Iona Monks, BA Graduate, Manchester Metropolitan University
  800. Arian Haf Sellers-French, Undergraduate student, Liverpool John Moores University        
  801. Frannie Wise, Student, Edinburgh College of Art                  
  802. Olivia Jospé, Undergraduate student, Kingston university
  803. Eloise stringer, BA student, UAL
  804. Enorê Rodrigues dos Santos, Alumni, Goldsmiths                
  805. Ayla, Student, Falmouth University                
  806. Daisy Weir, UG student, Glasgow School of Art                   
  807. Elena, BA, London College of Communication                     
  808. Emily Dalley, BA Student, Plymouth College of Art               
  809. Laura Harvey, BA student, University of the Arts London                 
  810. Liam Fuller, BMus Student, Guildhall School of Music & Drama                  
  811. Zoë, BA student, Norwich University of The Arts ( NUA)                  
  812. Eleanor Jobson, BA student, Central Saint Martins              
  813. Edit Lukacs, MA student, Moholy - Nagy University of Art and Design        
  814. Liz Green, Lecturer, NCUC, UCU member    
  815. Abi Brown, BA student, Plymouth college of art                    
  816. Christina Scott, Undergraduate student, Glasgow School of Art      
  817. Harriet Wheeler, MA Student, University of Northampton
  818. Caitlin Ralph, BA Student, Arts University Bournemouth                  
  819. Gabriel Mansfield, MA Student, Royal College of Art
  820. Maria Sainz Monasterio, Student, University of Edinburgh               
  821. Fatimah, BA Student, UAL                 
  822. Kevin McKinney, BA, Liverpool Hope University
  823. Holly Brandrick, BA student, De Montfort University             
  824. Ailsa Brock, Ba student, Glasgow school of art                     
  825. Justin Nelson, MFA, Glasgow School of Art              
  826. Charlotte, MA student, MMU              
  827. Omar Radwan, BA Student, London College of Communication
  828. Pelin, BSC, UCL                     
  829. Sandra Zhang, BA Student, University of Dundee                
  830. Sarah Gotheridge, MA student, Nottingham  Trent               
  831. Diana Chinalieva, MA Student, University of Arts London                
  832. Paula Rodriguez, BA student, University of the Arts London                        
  833. Mrinmai, BA student, University of the arts London              
  834. Madeleine Wood, BA student, University of Edinburgh                     
  835. Giacomo, MA student, UAL                
  836. Yasmin swallow, 2020 Graduate, UAL
  837. Cameron McCracken, Graduate/Alum, The Glasgow School of Art             
  838. Arabella Hope, MFA, Goldsmiths                   
  839. Larissa Loy, BA Student
  840. Alfie Burnage, Student, UAL
  841. Kester Grieve, BA Undergraduate, Arts University Bournemouth                 
  842. Alexandra Young, Final year BA (Hons) student, Glasgow School of Art                 
  843. Mia      , Student, University of the Arts London
  844. Beatrice Taylor Searle, BA student, University of the Arts London, Arts SU
  845. Justine Le Maistre, Student, University of the arts London
  846. Pavan Sian, DipArch student, Glasgow School of Art                       
  847. Stina Röjestål, BA(Hons) student, Arts university Bournemouth                  
  848. Liliana Adaluz Romero Segura, MA graduated, Camberwell university of arts
  849. Roxi, BA student, Brighton                 
  850. Mary, BA, Sussex                   
  851. Lucas Bullens, MA student, Royal College of Art                  
  852. Gil, BA Student, University of the Arts London
  853. Sonia, Architecture student, Glasgow School of Art
  854. Alethea Durman, Student, UAL          
  855. Julia, undergraduate student, Westminster               
  856. Tamara Sunina, BA(Hons) student, Nottingham Trent                      
  857. C Holdsworth, AL, University of the Arts London, UCU        
  858. Noah Gibson-Noir, Student, Bath Spa                       
  859. Stephen Hunt, MA student, University of Salford                  
  860. Jana De Cominges, BA student, UAL, LCC              
  861. Kieron Ferries, Student, Leeds Beckett University                
  862. Heidi Borg, MFA, UAL                        
  863. Dora Perini, BA student, UAL central Saint Martin                
  864. Laurence Mason-Guetta, Ba student, University of Westminster
  865. Jeffrey Knopf, MA Student, Salford University                       
  866. Gaia, BA student, UAL                       
  867. Helen Maguire, BA Student, University of Arts London                     
  868. Tal, Student, ECA                   
  869. Kaiyen, BA student, University of art london
  870. Foy-Lynn, Zoology student, University of Bristol                   
  871. Lauren, BA Hons student, Hyde                     
  872. Holly rowley, Ba student, Goldsmiths                        
  873. joanna hogg, ba student, london college of fashion              
  874. Jamie Cross, Student, Screenology (Plymouth Marjon)                    
  875. Pinhui Chen, BA Student, University of the arts London
  876. Raphaella Philcox, BA Student, UAL (Wimbledon)               
  877. Zixin Yan, BA student, University of the Arts London
  878. Clara Begliardi Ghidini, BA student, Arts University of Bournemouth
  879. Maria Valeria Biondo, MA student, Goldsmith University of London
  880. Kristina Bujnova, BA (Hons) student, University of Edinburgh                      

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Pause or Pay is a UK-wide student-led cross-university action group that emerged as a response to disruption of studio-based learning by COVID-19. To date, we have campaigned to MPs, initiated complaints procedures at various institutions and supported tuition fee strikes. Questions? Interested in helping out? Email us at or find us at and @pauseorpayuk on Instagram and Twitter. Sign up to join the organising here: